Edward D. Outland

- Financial Advisor -

Edward D. Outland, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Family Heritage Group, LLC, is nationally recognized for educating and empowering retirees as it relates to the maze of money-related issues.

He is well known for his insight into the problems that impact every senior citizen who has a family member suffering from catastrophic illness. Family Heritage Group recommends that their clients don’t choose the “go-it-alone” route. The preservation of assets and resources begins by providing a comprehensive legal, financial and insurance analysis, followed up by an implementation of the Medi-Cal qualification process. This process remains in place for the remainder of our clients’ lives.

We will clearly describe all of the choices available to you. Most adults have not done enough to protect and preserve their estate. We will help you make the best choice for your family or community by preserving your legacy.

Kathy Jennings


With over 30 years of administrative, management and accounting experience, Kathy assists our clients with appointments and questions, serves as our lead Medi-Cal consultant, and assists with veterans’ benefits.